Discovering Rock Painting with the Family

By Kari Curtis April 2, 2018

There's a movement that my family and I have had the privilege of participating in recently, and have found that it brings a great deal of joy and excitement to our home. The Kindness Rocks movement. This movement started with a mission that just ‘One message at just the right moment can change someone’s entire day, outlook, life’. The idea is that a simple rock can make someone's day, and potentially change their mood, or even the path they’re on. People paint rocks and hide them for others to find, with the hope that their creation can change a persons day.  I can tell you from personal experience that this actually is true. I’ve found rocks with messages on them that have really touched me and been exactly what I needed, also I've heard many stories of others with similar experiences.

There are several groups on Facebook that connect you with people who are taking part in spreading kindness one rock at a time. Two local ones I know of are “Boise Rocks!’ and “Towne Square Rocks”, in these groups often members post hints of where rocks are hidden, so if you’re in the mood for a little treasure hunt check them out. They also are a place for others to share pictures of the rocks that have been found. I personally enjoy seeing the creativity and the joy on the finders faces when they find these little gems. Anyone is welcome to join these groups.

My kids and I have found painted rocks before, so I decided to spread some love and paint some rocks with my kids. We gathered up the supplies then we got messy and creative. There are many ways to paint rocks, but I’ll share the method my kids and I used. We used basic tempura paint, Sharpies, paint brushes, and some Modge Podge sealer. Tip: I also bought a shower curtain at the Dollar Store and covered my table with it to help make cleanup easier. I saw someone had used a deviled egg storage container as a palette, they’re much cheaper than the palettes and work just as well. Needless to say, I’ll be grabbing more in the after Easter sales for later. They worked great!

I think my kids favorite part was that once the shower curtain was spread I let them do what they wanted. With no direction they amazed me at how creative and different each one was. My 3 year old twins just painted the rocks solid colors and I put an inspirational saying on them once they were dry, and they loved it. The chatter and giggles that ensued while the kids were painting was one of my favorite things about this project, everyone had fun. Once we were done painting and the rocks were dry I applied a few coats of the Modge Podge sealer, this will keep the paint on the rocks and allow them to last longer outside. After a few days we were able to hide our rocks for others to find. My kids have really enjoyed the adventures of hiding their treasures imagining the joy in the finders eyes. I've noticed now when I'm out I'm looking around more for more rocks to paint, or painted rocks. This was a great project to do with my family, we all have taken time now to look around when we're out. Hopefully, you'll find some of our rocks out there, we'll be painting a lot more soon.

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