Top 10 Parks and Playgrounds in Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, and Star

By Kari Curtis April 9, 2018

Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, and Star have some amazing parks! I’ve discovered this since moving to The Treasure Valley two years ago. I love taking my kids to the park. Its It's a cheap way for them to get their ya-yas out and at the park they have the freedom to entertain themselves. We’ll often pack a picnic and just enjoy the fresh air and freedom. I asked my kids to pick their top 10 favorite parks in Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, and Star so that I could share them with you. Take a look and if you think I missed one, let me know so we can check it out.

1. Settlers Park. My son rated this park the highest out of all the parks we’ve visited. The only thing missing, in his opinion, was a merry-go-round. There are plenty of swings for everyone to enjoy, even swings specifically geared towards those with special needs. The play structures also have ramp to accommodate disabilities as well. There are plenty of slides, climbing structures, a tire swing, placed to play music, and in the summer a splash pad. Prepare to spend time at this park, its it's one of the hardest to get my kids to leave. 3245 N Meridian, Meridian ID.

2. Stephen Guerber Park. My kids like this park because of the play structures, they call this park the obstacle course park. We often will set up courses to challenge the kids to race through. They love it. There are swings, a rock climbing structure, lots of slides, and a brand new splash pad coming this summer. My kids also like the big hill next to the play area, they love climbing the hill and playing.

3.  Reid Merrill Park. This park is a great park when I have all four of my kids. There’s something for all age groups. Smaller climbing and slides for the littles and more challenging ones for the bigger kids. My kids love the moving bridges, they love bouncing to the next slide. There are not any swings at this park, but there is a splash pad in the summer. One of my personal favorite features of this park is the access to the greenbelt. I love the beauty of this part of the greenbelt.

4. Kleiner Park. My kids love the climbing structures here. There are even spinning toys, which my kids love. (Just watching them I get motion sickness. 😉) My little girls love the swings at Kleiner, they could swing for hours. Another favorite feature is the hills next to the playground, my kids love running up the hill and rolling back down. I love how tired they get. Also noteworthy, there’s a splash pad in the summer. We enjoy the running and picnicking on the vast fields and watching people fish in the pond.

5. Storey Park. This park features swings, a climbing structure, and slides. It also has picnic tables and lots of grass to run in. Located near the speedway, prepare to hear noise and excitement during racing nights.

6. Tully Park. Plenty of variety at this park. All sizes of play structures and slides. Plenty of swings to make my girls happy too. I personally like the outdoor gym that this park has to offer. Great for multitasking parents. For parents with adventurous kids, they also have a skate park.

7. Orval Krasen Park. This is a great park for younger kids. Swings, and small climbing structures. My bigger kids enjoy the hills for rolling and the grassy area for playing. Pack a Frisbee, ball, or bubbles and the whole family will have a good time. 

8. 8th Street Park. This is a smaller park, but offers a climbing structure with a few slides. My kids love the open grassy area here. Great place for tag or soccer. Off a busy street as well which is also a huge perk when you have little bolters like me. 😁

9. Bernie Fisher Park. My kids call this park the “K" water tower park because of its location under the Kuna water tower. This park has some swings, slides, climbing gyms, bouncy toys, and lots of grass to play games on. It also backs up to the river, which my kids love exploring and throwing rocks in. (Picture coming soon) 

10. Blake Haven Park. My kids enjoyed the slides at this park. There are a couple larger slides, which are fun when you’re playing tag with your siblings and trying to make a fast getaway. This park also features swings, which is always a plus in my house. Lots of open green space to run and play, bring bubbles, frisbee, football, or whatever you like to get those little (and big) feet moving. (Picture coming soon) 

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